Tillotama's Shome selected for Cannes Critics Week!

Entertainment | April 17, 2018, 11:01 a.m.




Indian scriptwriter-director Rohena Gera's 'Sir', a love story set against the backdrop of a class divide and starring actor Tillotama Shome in the lead, has been selected for the Cannes  Film Festival's the Critics' Week sidebar.

The film is in the race to win the Grand Prix nespresso award in the sidebar, whose jury is headed by Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier. 

There has been a major change in the way class is depicted in Hindi cinema. Film is one of the most potent medium in understanding the way culture responds to various concerns, from social attitudes to behaviour. Films reflect the society within which they are made but also influence society as a result. Films are made to entertain but they contain embedded messages which can be deciphered and these may well appeal to audiences generally or only to sectors of society. The entertainment meted out in films is aimed to appeal to the common denominator or the target audience in order for the film to succeed at the box office.

For movies handling the subject of class-divide, it needs to break-through a multi-generational mindset. Classes were made so that the society would be manageble. But later on it created alot of feelings of inadequacy and discontent, which according to them was because of being inhibited of oppurtunities. Thus, in present times, cinema calls for a great time to promote unity in diversity. We dont live in the past, our beliefs shouldn't either. 


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