Three uber-successful stars under the age of 30!

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Gone are the days when actors and actresses had to slog for a good decade to establish themselves in Bollywood. It was because they were doing many films at once and didn't actually get a chance to focus their skills on one movie at a time. Thus, he would be as good as unrecognized. They were just prioritizing their money and their scratching the metal of their "shelf-life" as much as possible. Over the past few years, Bollywood has seen several gen next stars come into the industry. While some have thrived, some actors’ careers never took off. Thus, it makes us redefine stardom and longevity. Do you strive for a certain amount of time and then you are established? Or do you carve out your preferences from the beginning itself so you can maintain your focus? 


And with a lot of new and young stars coming into the industry, its best to do a slight analysis of the gen next stars that we have seen till date. But we do not want to look at all the stars’ success, we restrict our category to the actors who are still under the age of 30 years. So then we can truly define success based on age and longevity. 


Here are three actors, under the age of 30, that have set a unique definition of stardom and choosing films based on their skill-set rather than mainstream content or big production houses: 





# Anushka Sharma

Age: 29

No of Films: 15

Total Box Office Tally: Rs 1290 crore

Biggest Hit: PK (Rs 340.80 crore)



Anushka Sharma made her debut in 2008 with Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. 10 years and 15 films down the line, Anushka is the most successful under 30 actor! She has two Rs 300 crore films to her name and has helped accumulate Rs 1290 crore at the box office. Big, isn’t it? But its not just her box office game, but her choice of characters and films and even her portrayals that makes her the standout from the rest.

So, what is it about her? She defines independence & innate talent. For a girl with no film lineage, Anushka took just 3 films to cement her position as a leading lady to reckon with. Not one to rest on her laurels, which include working with Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan & Aamir Khan in significant roles, Anushka turned co-producer for the gripping, unconventional ‘NH 10’. Like her films, her story is fascinating to say the least. 






# Alia Bhatt

Age: 25

No of Films: 9

Total Box Office Tally: Rs 760 crore

Biggest Hit: Badrinath Ki Dulhania (Rs 120 crore)


The youngest actress on this list, Alia Bhatt has ruled the box office since she debuted back in 2012 with Student of the Year. In 6 years and with just 9 films, the actress has helped amass Rs 760 crore at the box office. Even with such fine talent, raking in such a huge amount is difficult, but Alia makes it look simple. Her tremendous performances with entertaining choices of films makes her one of the most successful actress ever.

So, what is it about her? Alia Bhatt, daughter of veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt is turning to be a special talent in Bollywood. She debuted in the Karan Johar directed 'Student of the Year'. The film was successful at the box office and she was applauded for her stylish avatar in the film. But, what really got her recognition was the way she transformed from her first film to her second film.  Her second film 'Highway' with Imtiaz Ali broke all her shackles as a performer. Her performance in this offbeat film showed her real capabilities as an actor. It was very different Alia Bhatt from her first film. Just the fact that she did this role from the opposite end of the spectrum (from the first one), displaying such acute vulnerabilities in a profound way, made her truly a respectable actress. 






# Tiger Shroff

Age: 28

No of Films: 5

Total Box Office Tally: Rs 355 crore

Biggest Hit: Baaghi 2 (Rs 154 crore*)


Tiger is one of the most brightest and all round stars of the lot and with a cumulative collection of Rs 355 crore through just 5 films, the actor has done well at the box office. In fact, his latest release – Baaghi 2 has broken several records, helping him get into this list.

What so great about him? There’s factors that are unnervingly surreal about Tiger Shroff. On the surface, for starters. Like he is a hologram created from the most earnest ambitions of a pennyless traveler. Due to his part-Gujarati, part-Turkish, part-Belgian genes that have lent him striking, almost boundary-fluid features. Or that his unusually pliable body is lean and buff at once, every protuberant muscle, tendon and vein almost sculpted out of clay. Or the fact that he is more disciplined (towards his body) than the most skillful trainers of martial arts. Or that he has made a career out of our cherished school-days memories of dance moves and stunts acquired from MTV songs. The only thing that makes him normal is the similarity he has with his father, the mullet! Else, he is our fantastical Ken thats come to life!  



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