Three reasons a career in statistics can enhance your life-skills

National | Jan. 10, 2018, 5:02 p.m.


What makes a career in statistics so exciting? Has the recognition of the field changed during the course of our careers? And the way it alters a statistician's day-to-day thinking beyond the workplace?




Here are three important life lessons statistics can teach you: 


* The intellectual demands at work. Statisticians have been called data gatekeepers of this method. Problems are rarely clear-cut, and often part of the problem is to define the real problem. There is ample opportunity to be imaginative. There can be so many probabilities, that it opens up your brain in ways it did back when you used to her those stories from family in childhood. You realize and appreciate the grey areas of life, that everything isn't perfect. If you can justify your solution, you've won! It does amazing things for your confidence. 



*  It teaches you to be tactful. The difficulty of these problems are such that it teaches you to be calm, have a hold on your emotions, breathe and also to come up with the best possible solution. It teaches you that solutions are better than just breaking your calculator and shutting down your system in dismay. You can't make everyone happy, but you can create a solution that makes sense and is favourable to everyone. 



* It entails an opportunity to interact with many people from various backgrounds. You can change the world and the way it perceives numbers. You can work in the following industries: business, academics, industry, government, medicine, publishing, scientific research, and much more. If you base a two-year period in each industry, your portfolio becomes so diverse and you become so adjustable that you become the prized one of your lot. 



Remember folks - Math becomes magic when you begin to understand it and only then it is mathematics thereafter! 


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