This will be Akshay's wedding gift for Sonam

Headlines | Jan. 14, 2018, 1:12 p.m.


New Delhi, Jan 14: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has finally decided his wedding gift for Sonam Kapoor's wedding that is reportedly taking place this year in Rajasthan.

Akshay is presently busy for the promotion of his upcoming movie Pad Man which is slated to release this year on January 26. 

Akshay and Sonam had participated in a program recently where questions about Sonam's alleged marriage were also asked. Sonam was asked the million dollar question about the specific date of her marriage. 

Akshay said, "Sonam, I was planning to ask you an important question. Are you going to get married this year?" Soon, Akshay question's provoked huge laughter in the hall and Sonam too could not control herself from laughing. 

Akshay added, "If you are getting married this year, I will gift you a cooking machine. So, you can cook or maybe your husband can cook for you.”

Recently, there were news that Sonam is planning to tie the knot this year with her rumoured boyfriend Anand Ahuja. The reports even added that Sonam began doing shopping with Anand Ahuja's mother in Kolkata. There are also reports that Sonam's family is also busy for Sonam's upcoming marriage. 

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