This is how criminals print fake Rs 2000 notes

National | Dec. 22, 2016, 1:31 p.m.

Bengaluru: Well, making fake currency notes is a matter of art for some. At least, this seems true for the four Bengaluru men. Two of them are ITI diploma holders. They printed fake notes and used them to buy liquour.

 men arrested in In Bengaluru, four men used a copier and some glitter to make fake 2,000-rupee notes that they even used in several shops.

They began their fake journey with 25 crisp fake notes, which look so much like original that a common person will find it difficult to distinguish between the original and fake.

This is how they printed fakes. " They copied the new 2,000 rupee denomination note in their friend's Xerox shop. Then they had cut the paper according to size. They used a glitter pen to give that green tinge," a police officer was quoted in media reports.

" They look quite genuine in the first instance. Only the paper feels different... and if you are aware of other safety features," police officer added.

They had fun for 4 days before they were caught.They had used fakes successfully in eight liquour shops.While two were ITI diploma holders, one is a mechanic and the other is an auto driver.

To start with the quartet had printed 25 notes, which the police hopes to recover soon. (News24Bureau)

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