This actress is inspired by her 101 years old father in law!

Entertainment | Dec. 10, 2017, 3:47 p.m.

Los Angeles, Dec 10: Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who celebrated her father-in-law and veteran actor Kirk Douglas 101st birthday, has called him an inspirational person and a hero.

Kirk, father of actor-producer Michael Douglas, turned 101 on Saturday.

Zeta-Jones took to Instagram to wish her father-in-law by sharing a photograph of Kirk sitting on her lap, reports

"101 today! My darling Pappy on my knee. Happy birthday to my wonderful, inspirational and loving father-in-law, Kirk. Love you with all my heart. Hero," Zeta-Jones wrote alongside the image.

Kirk made his film debut in 1946 with "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers". He later appeared in the 1960 film "Spartacus". He's been nominated for three Oscars for his work in "Champion", "The Bad and the Beautiful" and "Lust for Life".

In 1996, he received an honorary Oscar for his years of work in the film industry.


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