This 590-kilo man will lose 300 kg ..know how

Headlines | Dec. 22, 2016, 1:09 p.m.

New Delhi: He is world's fattest man. He weighs a whopping 590 kilograms. His name is Juan Pedro,and he is a Mexican. His list of diseases seems endless. He has diabetes, high BP and chronic lung obstruction. If he is to live long, he has reduce his weight dramatically, his doctor Jose Castaneda Cruz has said.

Now Pedro has made a new year resolution- reducing his weight by half. For this he will undergo a gastric bypass in the new year.

Before the surgery Pedro will undergo two other procedures. "It's surgery that is going to be done in two parts. That is because of the high risk of complications he faces. So it's going to be done in two parts, six months apart," his doctor said.

First, surgeons will remove more than three-quarters of the Pedro's stomach.Then his remaining stomach will be partially blocked, helping to give a feeling of fullness.Pedro would also undergo an intestinal surgery.

His doctor wants Pedro to lose 59 kilos in the first six months. This would reduces his risk of obesity-related cancer by 52 percent.

The medical team said that the 32-year old Mexican can reduce his body weight by 50% in about six months after his first surgery.

"Slowly but surely, I'll get there,"  said a confident Pedro. (News24Bureau)

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