Shilpa Shetty suggests these 10 Yoga Asanas for enduring beauty!

Entertainment | June 19, 2017, 10:37 a.m.

 NEW DELHI:  This actress is famous for her fit figure and glowing look. Shilpa Shetty, who has been a part of Bollywood industry for several years is a fitness freak and she credits yoga for her good health as she has been practicing it for several years. The 42-year-old actress has launched various videos of yoga and has also written a book on it. She carries herself with great style and elan.

 Some of her best Yoga asanas that will tone and treat your entire body are listed below:

-Padahastasana – For A Flat Tummy

It quite literally means hand to foot pose. In this aasan, the person has to stand straight and lift their arms above the head and inhale. And while exhaling, they have to bend their body forward. This helps to make body extremely flexible.

-Makarasana – To Relax The Nervous System

It is also known as the crocodile pose which gives ultimate relaxation. It is also the most basic yoga pose. This asana thoroughly relaxes the back and the spine along with the nerves and muscles.

-Dhanurasana – For Stress Release And Relief From Menstrual Cramps

This asana resembles a bow and helps to strengthen the back. It is also a great stress buster and helps to stimulate the reproductive organs.

- Ardha Salabhasana – To Stimulate The Digestive System And The Autonomic Nervous System

The full pose resembles a grasshopper and helps to strengthen the shoulders and the arms. The back muscles and the abdominal muscles are fortified too.

-Bhujangasana – To Stimulate The Svadhisthana Chakra And Increase Metabolism

It is the eighth pose of the 12 poses of the Surya Namaskar, and is also known as the 'cobra pose'. It stimulates the digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems.

-Utthanpadasana – To Improve Blood Circulation

This asana involves stretching of legs and helps to cure stomach disorders. It cures back pain, diabetes and heart disease too.

-Virabhadrasana – To Increase Stamina

This asana gets its name from a mythological character created by Lord Shiva, Virabhadra This asana is considered to be one of the most graceful postures in yoga, and it adds a whole lot of beauty to the workout.

-Vrikshasana – To Improve Balance And Stability

This posture is a close replica of a stance of a tree. For this pose, unlike most other yoga poses, one is required to keep their eyes open so that their body can balance itself.

-Vyaghrasana – To Strengthen Hip And Back Muscles

Being an extension of the Cat pose, this pose resembles a tiger waking up from a deep sleep.

-Naukasana – To Reduce Fat And Strengthen The Lower Body

This pose resembles the shape of a boat. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and tone leg and arm muscles.


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