Rs 5250 for 1 kg tea..this tea is special

National | April 13, 2018, 10:07 p.m.

Kolkata, April 13  State-run Andrew Yule & Company Ltd on Friday said it has sold about five kgs of premium Darjeeling tea at a record price of Rs 15,750 per kg to Tea Box, an e-commerce site for the crop.

The company has been associated with the e-commerce player for the last three years.

"In its effort to meet the requirement of some European buyers, the e-commerce site wanted some exclusive tea from very selective sections of Mim Tea Estate in Darjeeling," a statement said.

"The tea that met their requirement was finally manufactured and they paid a premium price of Rs 15,750 a kg which is a record price for any tea sold by (this) company this season."

Company's Chairman and Managing Director Debasis Jana said: "Our Mim tea estate at Darjeeling has over 50 hectares of organic plantation. The quality tea from here are premium and have niche markets in Japan, Middle East, Europe, the US and Canada." 

"Harrods" of London and Japan merchandises these tea, he added.


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