Rape accussed BJP MLA goons harassing family: Unnao victim's uncle

National | April 15, 2018, 2:27 p.m.

New Delhi, Apr 15: In a shocking turn of events, the paternal uncle of the Unnao rape case survivor has today alleged that BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar's men are harassing his family back in the village and that he fears for their safety.

Reportedly, his nephew has been missing for the last four days and this coupled with word of Sengar's goons roaming around his house and video-taping the activities of his family members- has rattled the survivor and his uncle.

According to a report in "India Today", The uncle of the minor has also alleged that police is giving Kuldeep Singh's brother Atul Singh VIP treatment in jail.

Speaking to the media, he said that Atul Singh is in constant touch with his men outside.

Atul Singh was arrested on April 10 for allegedly beating the rape survivor's father- who later died in judicial custody.

On the other hand, prime accused in the case Kuldeep Singh Sengar on Saturday claimed that he was in Kanpur, attending a birthday party on the day of the alleged rape.

As the CBI undertook to verify his claims, it also made a key arrest by taking Shashi Singh into custody, the woman who allegedly lured the victim to the BJP MLA on the day of crime.

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