PM Modi's BIG gift..10000000 JOBS are here

National | July 11, 2017, 9:07 p.m.

New Delhi: The Common Service Centres (CSC) programme has given employment to 10  lakh people in India and, in the near future, one crore people will work  in CSCs, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said here on Tuesday.
"I  have great expectation from CSC VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs). Our  VLEs are change-makers of India. CSCs have given employment to 10 lakh  people in India. I am confident that in the near future, one crore  people will work in CSCs," Prasad said.
He was inaugurating a workshop on "Aadhaar Services through CSC - A Unique Initiative".

The  Common Services Centre (CSC) programme is an initiative of the Ministry  of Electronics & IT (MeitY). CSCs are the access points for  delivery of various electronic services to villages in India, thereby  contributing to a digitally and financially inclusive society.

Talking  about unique identification Aadhaar, Prasad said: "Aadhaar is an  effective instrument in removing corruption. We have saved Rs 50,000  Crore by removing corruption."

He expressed the hope that the VLEs would rise to the occasion and help the government in making India corruption-free.

Recounting  the strength of VLEs in mobilising citizens under government campaigns,  he said: "I am happy to note that the VLEs have trained two crore  people in the cashless India movement."


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