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Pak sisters pay with their lives for dancing in rain

Islamabad | Updated 6/30/2013 9:19:27 PM IST
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ENI Bureau

Islamabad/New Delhi: Pakistan continues to make news, for bad reasons. In the latest, two teenage sisters have been shot dead by unidentified men in the Chillas town in the Northern areas of Pakistan for enjoying the rains. Noor Basra (16) and Noor Sheza (15) were allegedly shot dead over a video clip, which showed them dancing in the rain.

As per media reports, initial investigations stated that it might be a case of honour killing. So far, the local police have detained 22-year-old Khutore, step brother of the deceased, for allegedly planning the attack.

The sisters' other brother has filed a case against Khutore and the four other alleged accomplices, who are now believed to be on the run.  “It seems that the two girls have been murdered after they were accused of tarnishing their family's name by making a video of themselves dancing in the rain,” said a police officer.

"The girls were seen running around in traditional dress with two other younger children outside their bungalow in the town of Chillas, in the northern region of Gilgit,” said Momina Bashir, a relative of the deceased.

Human rights activists Atiya Jehan says the video of the sisters breaking into dance and flashing a smile at the camera became “a big issue in Chillas area”. 

“Elders in the town raised objections on the character of these girls. When the footage was circulated via mobile phones, it caused outrage in the conservative Pakistani town,” Jehan said.

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