News24-Today's Chanakya will bring to you the biggest ever Exit Polls on Gujarat and HP

National | Dec. 10, 2017, 12:32 p.m.

New Delhi, December 10: The most exciting phase related to the Gujarat Elections are already here, yes, it is time for the exit polls of the first phase of the Gujarat Elections. And who better than Today's Chanakya to bring to you the exact figures with utmost accuracy. So all viewers of News24 channel see the great drama unfold on your screens from 5PM onwards on 14th December. Your own news channel News24 will bring you the exit polls of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections.

The accuracy of Today's Chanakya goes beyond any doubt as on earlier occasions too it has given the most accurate figures and has proved to be correct than all its contemporaries.

In 2014 also Today's Chanakya had predicted how many seats will BJP get. During the UP Assembly Elections also while all other surveys and exit polls were predicting the end of the Modi Wave, Today's Chanakya had predicted a big sweep by BJP.

So get ready for the big show and see how much of Rahul Gandhi's sweat and toil pays off. The Gujarat Election is the most-watched event as it will show how much relevant is Modi in national politics and how much acceptance is Rahul Gandhi getting. It is also to be seen how much has tha nation accepted Modi major reformatory steps: the GST and Demonetization.


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