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News 24 exit poll: Modi set to get historic 3/4th majority

New Delhi | Updated 12/17/2012 3:31:29 PM IST
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Narendra Modi is all set to rewrite Gujarat’s political history by securing 3/4th majority in the Gujarat elections, according to News24-Today’s Chanakya exit poll. According to exit poll results, BJP is set to secure 140 seats (plus or minus 11) in the 182-member assembly. This is an increase of 23 seats in previous election tally of 117.



The Congress, it is predicted, will suffer major loss with its tally reduced to 40 seats (plus or minus 11 seats). This is 19 seats less than last election tally of 59 seats. The much talked about Keshubhai Patel factor has ended in a whimper with others (which includes Patel’s Gujarat Parivartan Party) expected to win only 2 seats (plus or minus 3 seats). This is four seats less than the tally of six seats.


The exit poll shows that BJP’s vote share has marginally increased from 49 % to 50 % (plus or minus three per cent). On the other hand, Congress vote share has gone down to 35 per cent (plus or minus three per cent). This is a decrease by three per cent from 2007 vote share of 38 %.



The exit poll has proved wrong all poll pundits who were predicting that Keshubhai will cut into Modi’s votes. The GPP leader has in fact damaged the Congress by eating into its votes. The vote share of others is predicted to shoot up to 15 %, from last year’s 13 %, primarily because of Keshubhai factor. But he has had no impact on the BJP whatsoever. According to the exit poll findings, GPP will get six per cent of total votes and 85 per cent of these votes would have otherwise gone to Congress.

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