New WhatsApp update will not allow you chat with two people simultaneously

Headlines | April 15, 2018, 9:38 p.m.

New Delhi, April 15: Apparently the most used chat app globally, WhatsApp keeps on updating its features to make it more user-friendly. The company had been working on several features like new emojis, UPI payment and many more. The latest feature that has been updated on WhatsApp beta programme is locked recording feature. Until now the users need to hold the mic icon to record the voice message but after this update, the users will be able to send voice recording with their hands being free.

However, this feature in testing mode now but will be soon made public but there is still no specific timeline provided by the messaging app like:

The feature comes good for the users but there are certain limitations of WhatsApp’s ‘lock recording’ feature:

1-You will not be able to view a photo or video while there are recording a message on WhatsApp.

2-You cannot type a message while recording and if you wish to type a new message, then you must end the locked recording.

3-The last limitation is that you cannot start off a new chat with another person while locked recording is on.


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