Mysterious thick smoke over Chennai, which led to flight delays

National | Jan. 13, 2018, 12:46 p.m.

New Delhi, Jan 13: Flight services in and out of Chennai suffered today following a thick cover of smoke due to Bhogi festival celebrations, airport officials said.
As many as 18 arriving flights were diverted to Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports. They flew in from various destinations such as Kuwait, Sharjah and Delhi.
Bhogi, celebrated ahead of the Tamil harvest festival Pongal tomorrow, involves burning of old articles in a symbolic gesture of bidding adieu to the old and welcoming the new.
Meanwhile, motorists plied their vehicles with their headlights on following the smoke cover which descended on the city and its neighbourhoods.
The government launches regular awareness campaigns ahead of Bhogi, aimed at smoke-free celebrations of the day.

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