Know how to find petrol price, new rates daily from today

National | June 13, 2017, 7:01 a.m.

New Delhi: IndianOil is making things simpler for you keeping in mind the daily revision of petrol and diesel prices from June 16. You just need to download an App and you will be able to see updated prices of petrol and diesel all across the country on that particular day.

 The company's mobile app is named Fuel@IOC.Not just this the consumers can check the the prices appicable in their respective cities by sending an SMS to RSP DEALER CODE', to 92249-92249.

This all has been done keeping in mind a smooth working experience of petrol owners and operators.

This will also save the conumers from getting duped.

But things are not that smooth as it appears. Federation of All India Petroleum Trader s (FAIPT),which claims to represent most of nations 54,000 petrol stations, said there will be "no purchase no sale" of petrol and diesel on June 16 in protest against the decision.


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