Kinetic Testing Feasibility Of SWM Bikes In India; Might Be Launched Next Year

Auto | Jan. 10, 2017, 9:04 a.m.


After ushering in the exotic MV Agusta bikes to the country, Kinetic could bring another Italian motorcycle brand in India. Kinetic engineering already produces some parts for SWM motorcycles like it does for MV Agusta and some other brands as well. The company has already announced that its Motoroyale stores which are multi-brand premium bike dealerships will soon offer some other popular global brands in the country. And hence, Kinetic has started testing the feasibility of some of the SWM motorcycles in the Indian market so they can launch these motorcycles here in future. 

One of our close sources told us that Kinetic is checking the probability of bringing the SWM bike in India within the right price bracket. Since Kinetic engineering is already producing some important parts of these motorcycles, it is now looking at the possibility of complete local assembly or even production of these bikes.

Based in Milan, Italy, SWM was founded in 1971 and stands for Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano (SV.VM). Justifying the name is the fact that founder Piero Sironi was from Vimercate and Fausto Vergani was from Milan. The company, mostly, offers mid-weight machines in different segments, such as enduro, supermoto, dual sport and classic. And Kinetic is looking forward to starting with two models from its classic range -- the Gran Milano and the Silver Vase. Powered by 445cc single-cylinder, air/oil-cooled, 4-valve engine, the former gets a classic cafe-racer design while the latter comes in a scrambler avatar.

Launching these Italian machines in the right price bracket in the country is the most challenging task for the company thanks to the competition. To match its contemporaries, the price has to be around Rs 2 lakh. And for that, Kinetic has to produce some major components locally along with the CKD operations in India. The source also told that the company doesn’t have any plans to launch any of these bikes in the country this year. So, we might have to wait for a year, at the least, to get our hands on the SWM bikes.


Kinetic Testing Feasibility Of SWM Bikes In India; Might Be Launched Next Year

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