India deny any wrongdoing after syringes found in compound

Headlines | April 1, 2018, 12:25 p.m.

Gold Coast, Mar 31: India today vehemently denied any wrongdoing after syringes were found near their athletes' accommodation at the Commonwealth Games Village even as the authorities are ascertaining if the matter requires thorough probe.

It has been reported that syringes were discovered near accommodation where a few Indian athletes are putting up.

However, it was still unclear who they belonged to.

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) chief executive David Grevemberg has said that a staff at the athletes' village told them about the syringes and the matter will now be probed.

However, an Indian official claimed that it was they who handed the syringes to the CGF medical commission.

"The syringes were not found in Indian athletes' rooms. It's in the same building where athletes from many countries are residing. It does not belong to us," an Indian official, travelling with the contingent, told PTI.

"It's the Indian contingent's doctors who handed over the syringes to the medical commission and they disposed them off. They had nothing more to ask us and there was no further communication from them. It's unfair that we are being doubted. we acted in good faith," the official added.

A few Indian athletes were subjected to dope tests but the official said it was not something unusual and was not related to the syringes incident.

"We have tried to ensure that no drug cheat is competing. It's a norm that randomly many athletes are tested before the Games begin. It's pre-Games testing and it has nothing to do with this incident," the official insisted.

Grevemberg said," if analytical evidence indicates it's worth a follow-up, the CGF medical commission will follow procedures, set out in the anti-doping standard."

The Games will begin on Wednesday.


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