Husband refuses to wear pants..wants lesbian sex with wife, woman files complaint

National | Dec. 27, 2016, 9:06 a.m.

Bengaluru: It is a strange case where a woman has been forced  to seek police help against her husband. The woman told the police that she wants separation on the grounds that the husband refuses to wear pants at home.

The 29-year old woman has filed a police complaint after getting ‘sick’ of her transvestite husband. They were married a year ago. The complaint says she is fed up of husband’s obsession for dressing and acting like a woman.
"He loves wearing a sari and uses my makeup and accessories to dress up like a woman at night," said software company employee Anitha (name changed). The complaint said that  husband was only interested in 'lesbian sex' with her.

Anitha in her complaint said that even after a year of marriage they haven't had sex because her husband behaves like a man and is impotent, The Times of India reported. The man too is employed in the IT sector. "Our marriage was not consummated due to impotency and congenital defects. He behaves like a woman. He goes to work in the day, and comes home and wears sari at night," Anitha said.


Anitha’s was an arranged marriage with Naveen."But from their first night itself, Naveen would act like a woman. He wanted to wear a sari that night," said a counsellor at  a women's helpline run by police. Naveen  and Anitha were counselled at this centre.

Anitha said in her complaint that he was only interested in 'lesbian sex' with her.

After the complaint, husband has agreed for a separation. (News24Bureau)

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