Gujarat Elections: LIVE: 'I will not be silent on Triple Talaq,' PM

National | Dec. 6, 2017, 12:33 p.m.

New Delhi, Nov 6: While cyclone Ockhi did play a spoilsport in the poll-bound Gujarat state, as many rallies remained postponed, the leading political leaders are active again. PM Narendra Moi is in Dhandhuka, Gujarat an is addressing a rally. The state will go to the polls on 9th December in the first phase and on 14th December in the second. The counting will be done on 18th December.

Here are the LIVE updates of the PM's rally:

-I am clear that on Triple Talaq I will not be silent. Everything is not about elections. This issue is for the rights of women...elections come later humanity comes first: PM Modi

-When Tripl Talaq matter was in SC, Government had to put their affidavit, newspapers commented that Modi will remain silent because of UP polls. People told me not to speak on the matter else there will be losses in elections

-No objection that Kapil Sibal is fighting on behalf of Muslim community but how can he say do not find a solution to this (Ayodhya issue) until next election? How is it connected to Lok Sabha elections?: PM Modi in Gujarat's Dhandhuka

- One family has done greatest injustice to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Sardar Patel. When Pandit Nehru's influence on the Congress was complete, the Congress ensured that Dr. Ambedkar found it tough to join the Constituent Assembly: PM Modi in Gujarat's Dhandhuka
-BJP in Gujarat has ended the 'Tanker Raj.' Tanker business was firmly in the hands of Congress leaders and their families: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat's Dhandhuka



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