Gauahar to launch her clothing line on mother's birthday

Entertainment | March 14, 2018, 6:31 p.m.

In India the demand for fashion and people wanting to be fashionable is very high. It is great if you're planning to venture out into the fashion industry because the Indian population is waiting to absorb all new trends and have become quite experimental. What they are more keen on is if a celebrity endorses it. 

Actress Gauahar Khan has chosen her mother's birthday on Thursday to launch her clothing line.

Gauahar, credits her mother for her sense of style, mentioned the plan was always to launch the collection on an appropriate day. 

She said in a statement: "What better day it could be than my mom's birthday as she has been my ultimate fashionista since my childhood. As a kid, I used to always admire the way our mom dressed us up. Even though we had a humble living but my mom would make sure that she would not make her kids step out of the house without socks and shoes and also clips in my hair." 

"My sense of style comes a lot from my mother and the way she kept us. Her saris would mesmerise everybody around her and I used to always take pride in the way my mom carried her personality in any outfit she wore be it nightwear or saris."

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