For Jio users todayis a very very crucial day..know why

Business | Dec. 29, 2016, 1:19 a.m.

New Delhi:  If you are Reliance Jio user, then today is an important day for you, especially after  the Telecom Regulatory Authority is seen getting tough with Jio. The TRAI's step could shatter the free data, free call dream shown by Reliance Jio. TRAI’s decision may cometoday on whether Jio can offer free services afterDecember 31 or not.

TRAI in its letter to Jio has said that the free offer is violating the TRAI norms, as the introductory offer beyond 90 days is not allowed.Jio's 90-day period end onDec 31, but Jio has extended it to March 31. Now Jio has to reply by Dec 29, if the TRAI is not satisfied with reply, then free offer may end on Dec 31. (News24Bureau)

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