Farah's disillusion with big screen, turns to web-series!

Entertainment | Sept. 19, 2017, 11:17 a.m.

New Delhi, Sep 19: Filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan says that she may turn the film she was planning to make on girl power into a web-series.

Farah, 52, in an interview to IANS previously had said she is planning to make a movie on "girl power", which would be more "real" than her past films.

Asked for details, Farah told IANS here: "No. May turn that into a web-series. I don't know but I'll start writing a script now as soon as 'Lip Sing Battle' shoot is done."

The "Happy New Year" director is currently hosting "Lip Sing Battle", an Indian adaptation of the successful international show "Lip Sync Battle" and will feature a string of A-listers not only from Bollywood but also television actors and sports personalities. 



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