Neeru Sharma ( Entertainment Editor )

Neeru Sharma

(Entertainment Editor)
Having an illustrious career ranging across two iconically changing decades of the media industry, Neeru Sharma currently works as an Entertainment Editor for the BAG Network whereby she heads the dedicated entertainment team of E24 and News 24. She began this multifaceted journey in the late 90’s as a copywriter for an advertising agency through which she wrote some rather paradigmatic ad slogans for a couple of very esteemed brands. After which she progressed on to the originative channel Sahara India Limited as an anchor and producer for both their national and regional representations whereby she produced and worked upon some highly TRP driven shows. Her next move proved to be a big leap into the very celebrated news channel Aaj Tak and Headlines Today wherein she was an integral part of the programming team. She largely indulged in writing, conceptualising and producing both entertainment driven and live shows for both their English and Hindi representations where she worked for around 5 years. In 2010 she finally moved up in her professional hierarchy as the Entertainment Editor of E24 and News 24, where she now heads the entire entertainment team of BAG Network.

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