Don't miss..This woman earned crores from sex, blackmail and extortion..Hollywood thriller

National | Jan. 11, 2017, 11:30 a.m.

K J Srivatsan, Jaipur: It's a lethal cocktail of sex and crime. The script is from a Hollywood thriller, only difference being that it is being played out in real life. The lead character is a 28-year old NRI woman, who used her charm to seduce the rich and then blackmail them. She was part of gang run by a reputed lawyer.The gang duped over 40 'crorepatis' and extorted Rs 25 crore.    

The NRI woman was working at a coaching institute in Kota. "She is an NRI woman who was involved in the gang in blackmailing and extorting money from people. The accused woman lived in Hong Kong and was presently residing in Kota with her husband," police said

This story is about a perfect honey trap. Rich were lured into having sex with young women and girls. Then the men were blackmailed. If the 'men victim' agreed to pay up, fine, if he didn't, then false rape cases were registered against the man. In case, the 'rapist' agreed to pay after the case was filed, the 'victim girl' would turn hostile in court, and the accused would be freed by court. A TV reporter and his cameraman were part of the gang. Till now, 10 people have been arrested, including two women.    

Naveen Devani, a lawyer, is the kingpin of the gang and is still is absconding, along with a woman member Urmila. Arrested NRI woman is Ravneet Kaur, while the other arrested woman goes by the name Ruby.

Modus Operandi

The gang was started by Naveen. His key aide was Anand Shandilya, who dealt in property. Anand was member of Jaipur's top clubs. This ensured that he got acquainted with the richie rich, and this helped him to identify possible targets. Once the targets were identified, Anand would introduce them to girls (part of the gang). Often Ravneet, Ruby and Urmila would also go clubs. Then these women would exchange phone numbers and SMSs with the 'target'.

Eventually, these women would have sex with these identified rich men. After having sex, the girls would keep the used condom and put man's semen on their undergarments. This was later used as proof of sex. Next day, lawyer Naveen would call up these men, and tell them that 'you have done this with a woman' and the case is going to court and police station. If the victim paid up, then the matter finished. Otherwise a compliant was lodged in the police station, and the matter went to court.

Once complaint was filed, an alleged TV reporter Akshat would also blackmail the 'victim men'. Under pressure of TV reporter and lawyer, most men agreed to pay to save their reputation.      

Most girls used by the gang leaders were brought from Uttarakhand and Kolkata, and they were just paid Rs 15,000-20,000. Depending on the 'victim men', the blackmail amount varied from a few lakhs to over Rs 1.5 crore.

It was by chance that the Special Operations Group of Rajasthan Police managed to unearth the blackmailing racket. It was in a probe of a murder of a property broker that SOG interrogated Anand Shandilya, who spilled the beans.

 A police constable too was part of the gang.

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