Don't miss..I-T Department names tax defaulters owing Rs 448.02 crore

National | March 18, 2017, 11:56 a.m.

New Delhi: Tightening the noose on major tax defaulters, the Income Tax Department on Saturday made public the names of individuals and corporates who owe Rs 448.02 crore in taxes to the government.

However, most of these assessees remain untraceable. "Defaulters are advised to pay tax arrears immediately," said the full page advertisements in national dailies listing out all the 29 defaulters with their names, PAN details and last known addresses.

The pending tax arrears range from Rs one crore to over Rs 257 crore.

An individual assessee Irfan Ahmed, who has Rs 257.44 crore tax liability pending, is not traceable with his date of birth, father's name, PAN details and source of income, missing from the records. 

Among corporates, Kolkata-based Pushpadant Commotrade, in the business of share capital owes Rs 31.58 crore tax.


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