Cyclone Vardah: Here are some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind

National | Dec. 12, 2016, 6:48 a.m.

Chennai: Termed as 'very severe' by the Met Department, the Cyclonic storm Vardah is expected to make a landfall near Chennai and southern Andhra Pradesh by Monday afternoon.

Landfall occurs whena storm moves over land after travelling on water which often accompanied by strong winds, rain and rising sea waves resulting in damaging human lives and property.

Met Department has informed about the cyclonic landfall in advance so that the residents in the affected areas can brace themselves for the storm. Following is the list of Do's and don'ts to keep in mind to face such such dangerous life endangering disasters-


- It is advised to stay indoors during such storms.

-Incase you reside near water, it is better to temporarily shift at a safeup-water area.

-You should avoid standing near windows and doors, upper-floors are the safest when it comes to staying indoor.

-Remove dead or dying trees, anchor removable objects like lumber piles, loose bricks, garbage cans, sign-boards, loose zinc sheets etc.

-Store extra drinking water in suitably covered vessel and get some extra edible items that don't require cooking.

-Keep the radio on during the storm to get reliable information. Have battery backups.


-Don't get mislead by rumours.

-Avoid leaving shelters until informed by the rescue personals.

-Don't touch loose and dangling wire from lamp post.

-Do not drive anywhere.


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