Breaking: Jio Super Duper Dhamaka..FREE service for 1 more year

National | March 30, 2018, 7:04 p.m.

New Delhi, March 30: All Jio Prime members who have subscribed to the exclusive membership benefits till March 31, 2018 will get another year of complimentary Prime benefits at no additional fee (limited period offer), a company statement said here on Friday.

To avail the benefit the existing subscribers need to express interest to get complimentary membership for the next 12 months through MyJio app.

At present, there are over 175 million Jio Prime members.

For new Jio users (on or after April 2018), the Jio Prime membership will continue to be available at an annual membership fee of Rs 99.

"The continued availability of the Jio Prime Membership to new subscribers reiterates Jio's commitment to deliver a differentiated Digital Life experience to Indians and will propel this into the world's largest loyalty programme," the company said.



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