Bollywood Fashionistas Highlight Fashion Trends for 2018!

World | Jan. 12, 2018, 1:40 p.m.

2018 is here, and with the beginning of each year, we have this fresh and renewed sense of energy and great hopes for the following year too. The big question is, how do you style yourself? Well, lets turn to Bollywood for some style inspirations: 


* The mono-toned suits that are cut at the calves are back in style! Bright colours such as shocking pinks, indigo, turquoise, tangerine and sea-greens are great for all seasons. Just wear it with a simple white-T. 




* The Cape-Lehengas continues to trend. Its flowy, stylish and you can experiment with various materials such as silk, georgette or lace. 


* The classy polka-dotted shirt with a high waisted 3/4 length skirt is also back in style. The print will never go out of style. Perfect for office-wears. 




* The Belted Saree.  Great way to give your figure some form and also focus on your waist (if you're shapely). Great way to give it a fusion twist too! Play around with different textures - leather belts on cotton sarees, jewel-encrusted belts on simple silhouettes such as chiffon and georgette, or fabric belts on silks. 



* The ever stylish denim jacket! Its great on all types of materials, all types of looks, great for all seasons. Nuff said. Just wear it. Its got infinity points on the cool factor by all fashion critics. 





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