Breaking: Superstar Rajnikanth may join politics soon, says this in as many words

New Delhi: Rajnikath's date with fans in Chennai this morning may be interpreted as a precursor to his entry into politics. The superstar and the real icon of Indian cinema all set to take a plunge in Indian politics. There is a big political vacuum in Tamil Nadu after the sad demise of J Jayalatltha and may be his entry will fill the vacuum.

The big question is: With which political party will he align? It's still a mystery. It remains to be seen if he will float his own party or will join an existing party.

It is a common knowledge that Thalaiva, as he is fondly called, is very close to the BJP. His metings with top BJP politicians was an indication to this fact. But sources close to him say that he may not join BJP but his party may have an alliance with BJP.  

In a press conference, he said, "Political parties seek a vote in my name. They bank on my name. People say I'm afraid, but I never go back on my decisions. God will decide my destiny."

There was a word of caution when he said that he wrongly backed a political alliance 20 years back. He added that money should not be a priority for netas, hinting clearly that he will never tolerate corruption.

Next the fans are eagerly awaiting his announcement of his next moves about his foray into politics.


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