BJP calls Pakistan media allegations on Om Puri's death outrageous

Mumbai, Jan 12: A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson has rejected as "outrageous allegations" comments doing the rounds in the Pakistani press that actor Om Puri, who died recently, was "murdered as part of a political conspiracy".

BJP spokesperson Shaina NC said the Pakistani press needs to exercise restraint. "First, Om Puri was our national treasure. His death is none of their business. Secondly, even if they make it their business they should get their facts right and not make wild outrageous allegations supported by absolutely ridiculous arguments, she said.

The spokesperson further said: "We in India believe in a free and fair press. Not a free-for-all press."

Reports in print and television media in Pakistan claimed that Om Puri was "smothered to death with a pillow." There was some speculation in India at the time of Om Puri's death that he may not have died of a heart attack, as stated. An unverified report said his body had been found naked with an injury mark on the back of his head.

Some reports in the Pakistani press, without giving any evidence, said that Salman Khan and Fawad Khan are likely to be killed next. 

The claim of "murder" by the Pakistani media is based on the assertion that Om Puri was against the Narendra Modi government.

However, this is not true. Om Puri had spoken out against boycotting of Pakistani artistes after the Uri attack in Jammu and Kashmir in September last year and he had once spoken against sacrifices by Indian soldiers. But he later regretted those remarks ("Did we force them to join the army?"). He has not said anything against the Modi government.

He was also subjected to vicious trolling because of the remarks on Indian soldiers.

On a television show when Om Puri was queried about his comments on the soldiers and asked whether he was anti-national, he got very emotional and said he would never participate in a television debate again. 

He explained that during another television debate he was asked a question. "I was answering. In the middle of my answer, they asked me about soldiers and in irritation I said what I did. It was wrong. Terribly wrong of me to disrespect our soldiers. I pronounce myself guilty," he said. 

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