Attack threats on Dhoni's Ranchi home? Security beefed up.

National | June 19, 2017, 6:30 a.m.

New Delhi: Are there threats of an attack on MS Dhoni's Ranchi home?  Seeing the unruly behaviour of the fans this is possible as on earlier occasion also Dhoni's Ranchi house was attacked when India lost a match.

In the ICC Champion's Trophy Finals Dhoni could fetch only four runs from 16 balls.

India's batting order had collapsed dramatically while chasing the not-so-tough target of 339 that Pakistan had set. The men in green had outdone men in blue, and with style.

India-Pakistan match is always one of the most watched matches across the globe and fans watch it tooth and nail. Emotion run high on such matches and it becomes very tough for the security officials to handle the emotions of the fans.


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