Aditya Roy Kapur doesn't want to risk this!

Entertainment | Sept. 22, 2017, 11:52 a.m.

Kolkata, Sep 22: Actor Aditya Roy Kapur says he doesn't feel the need to take too many fashion risks.

"I don't feel too obligated to have to change the way I dress because I am a public personality or I am a celebrity. I like to be well put together if its a formal event, otherwise I like to be casual I like to stick to the things I like. I don't take too many fashion risks I don't feel the need to," Aditya told IANS at the launch of H&M Store here late on Thursday.

The "Aashiqui 2" actor also believes there is nothing to be embarrassed about being well groomed. 

"I think grooming is a form of hygiene in a way so I think when someone is hygienic and well groomed, its nothing to be embarrassed about," he added


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