A Raja talks to News 24..Manmohan had no control over Govt, CAG was used by BJP

National | Jan. 20, 2018, 5:36 p.m.

New Delhi, Jan 20: In a surprise development former Telecom Minister A Raja has called former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh a weak PM who "did mot have a firm control over his government". Taking exclusively to News24 before the release of his book,  2G Saga Unfolds, Raja  said that former CAG Vinod Rai was used by the BJP to bring down the UPA 2 government by creating a hoax 2G scam. Raja alleged that the Narendra Modi suitable rewarded Rai for creating the 2G ghost.

Main points of A Raja Interview

*I always knew I will be acquitted. That's why I started writing the book early on. Only 10 days before the verdict - did I give the book to the publisher.

*Vinod Rai was working towards a Conspiracy. The astronomical figure of 1.76 lakh crore sprang up from nowhere. He is hiding behind the constitutional immunity but there must be an enquiry conducted on his role and methods.

*The entire conspiracy was hatched to plan the downfall of UPA 2 Govt

*Vinod Rai has been suitably rewarded by the present Govt.

*Manmohan Singh was wrongly advised by his advisors like TKA Nair. He was miscommunicated about many things. We had a major communication gap

*I respect him but Manmohan Singh did not have a firm control over his Govt

*I have to ask that despite having all the intelligence agencies how did the UPA govt not know about Vinod Rai's conspiracy

*Talking about his politics and that of his party DMK after the 2G verdict, he said DMK will bounce back in Tamil Nadu politics. Rajnikant & Kamal Hasan won't hv any impact on TN politics.


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