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Raised by dogs: Tale of a feral child Oxana Malaya

Updated 8/7/2012 1:17:00 PM IST
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Raised by dogs: Tale of a feral child Oxana Malaya


Ukraine: Feral children are those who are human beings but are brought up under the supervision of animals. Due to the separation from human beings for a long period of time they act like animals. Their body is like human beings but their behaviour is similar to animals.


They don’t know how to speak human languages; they don’t know how to behave like humans; they don’t have the ability to think and understand things like humans. There are many such children around the world, who are either isolated from their families or due to their circumstances they are brought up by animals.


In the past years, lot of such cases have come up where small babies were picked up by animals and were taken to the jungle. Because of their brought up, children adopted animal behavior. When such children were found, a type of animal instinct was seen in them.


A girl from Ukraine named Oxana Malaya, who has spent some early days of her childhood with her pet dogs, has been found with some characteristics of dogs. Her alcoholic mother and father were unable to take care of her and they completely neglected her when she was 3 years old. She used to live in the area where pets were kept. Because of her parents’ careless nature, the street dogs of the area took care of her. Gradually Oxana and the dogs developed a bond of attachment, as a result of which, dogs attacked those who dared to take Oxana back home, dailymail reported.


With the time, Oxana was only human from her body. Her characteristics were totally like dogs. She used to run on her hands and legs, bared her teeth and barked like dogs. In the year 2010, at the age of 26, Oxana was sent to the mental asylum of Ukraine.


According to latest updates, she is progressing well and developing a tendency to speak like humans.

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