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Live wires left open on Mumbai roads...  

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13/6/2008 6:05:29 PM
By - Kulbir Singh Walia

Bombay might be the Mayanagri, the city of stars, the metropolitan city or whatever you can call. But here's a totally different look.

Well, this is something you will get a real touch of “Aamchi Mumbai” – something we get to feel daily. Here are a few pictures I would like you all to have a look upon. These are the pictures that show how carelessly are the underground live & high voltage cables & junction boxes (400+ volts) are left on the roads openly.

Be it the common roads, footpath, an area near to some school building, general stores, or whatever. High tension cables, joint with normal electricity tapes, are left open in the grounds waiting for some tragedy to occur. There are ditches that support the mismanagement. Water collects in them and increase the risk of some tragedies to occur. Who cares, even if small children play there?

I have seen people – both children and elders – walking through these live wires. Rains have come and the cables and the BMC are waiting for something to happen, isn't it?

Last year a boy lost his life because of these open wires. And this year – we haven't yet got a lesson. Can someone please do something?
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Kulbir Singh Walia
Here are the images of live wires left open on the roads of Mumbai that are highly risky.
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