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3 Quick ways to recover from pregnancy

Ok so you've just had a baby - tons of instructions are pouring in from everywhere - you're overwhelmed as well as bombarded with a truckload of information. The baby is growing/changing at the speed of lightening by the second - so you've got to quickly be up on your feet, thus take charge. Here are three ways to to quickly recover from pregnancy:

* Get Massaged Daily - You're muscles are soar, because the baby might have been positioned oddly. Thus messaging will help soothe those sore muscles and reduce any aches you have.

* Rest - It might seem impossible if you've got a screaming baby for the past 25 minutes. However, sleep when the baby sleeps. You need time to recover/heal.

* Healthy Diet - Pregnancy is a great excuse to have Belgian waffles with extra whipped cream every morning, but your body needs to replenish itself starting from birth. Protein-pack your diet. Hard-boiled eggs are a particularly great, also lean meats as well as fish. Plus, make sure to drink plenty of water.

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